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How to throw your own charity event

If you’ve often thought of helping out a good cause, such as a local or national charity, but don’t know how to go about it, then it’s worth considering organising an event, the proceeds of which can be donated. Many major charities have ideas on their websites, and you can choose the type of event that would be attractive to you, those you know and others in your local neighbourhood.

Foodie event ideas

If you love to cook, why not host a posh dinner party and ask people to pay to attend? They can dress up in their finery, enjoy wonderful food served on elegant, fine china, and sip sparkling drinks from crystal clear champagne glasses. You can combine this with a “bring and buy” auction, where everyone contributes a gift, and gifts are auctioned off for generous donations.

Another popular event that focuses on food is a bake sale. The success of the TV programme, The Great British Bake Off has encouraged lots of people to try their hand at baking. You can turn this into a real community event by asking everyone to both contribute homemade fare and buy baked goods from neighbours. This is a lovely way to renew old friendships and begin new ones in the area where you live or the place where you work.

Planning your charity event

You may prefer to do something sporty, organise a quiz night or auction off promises from people willing to offer a skill or service. These don’t need to be complicated, as most people willing to contribute to a charity will pay for someone to mow the lawn or wash the car. The important thing is to keep your plan simple and to set a realistic budget for your target amount. Once you have worked out what needs to be done, you can ask family members and friends to help.

Getting help

When you’re clear about what will be needed to make your event successful, make a list of all the things you have to put in place. You may need to look for a suitable venue, such as community centre, pub or large marquee. If you fancy organising a village fête, you may want face painters. Or you may need a screen and console if your party-goers are intrepid gamers who enjoy a competition. When you are fundraising for a charity, it’s a good idea to let the charity fundraising team know about your plans. Often, they can offer useful advice and practical help.

Finally, you may want to check on promotional materials, so people will know about your fundraising event, and collection tins if you are asking for these sorts of donations. If you want to do something spectacular as a personal gesture, such as a sponsored swim, walk or haircut, you will need forms and people to help you scoop up your rewards at the end of the event. Charities can also help with this, so be sure to ask.


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