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At Bristol

The At Bristol exhibition on the Harbourside has something of interest for everyone. You can discover how the brain and body works from the tiniest cells through to the larger organs of the body. You can experience what a brain feels like, how much it weighs, what part of it is used when you fall in love and how it feels to be pregnant. Find out how illusions are used to make sense of the world with Gregory’s Games.

You can find out how your senses work – peer through an enormous eye, see inside your ear and test your sense of smell and try out Mixing The Senses to see if you can be tricked.

You can have fun testing your memory, knowledge of body language, word and music skills in the Test Yourself Area. You can measure your pulse, check your blood flow and blood oxygen levels and play the game Staying Alive.

Discover how machines work and how man can use them to advantage. Try out moving water using pumps, pistons, levers and locks and find out what an Archimedes Screw is and how your toilet flushes. See how to build bridges and arches and test their strength. Generate electricity with pedal power and build your own circuits. Use levers to lift heavy objects and even yourself into the air and how to make things fly with kites, gliders, balloons, gliders through to planes, jets and rockets.

Visit the Studio where you can engage in live shows, join in debates and have the opportunity to meet the experts. You can even question the guest scientists and researchers and take part in workshops. You may even contribute to science issues and appear on the futuristic opinion wall or perhaps try your hand in Play TV trying out presenting, operating a camera, adding sound or try out the Curiosity Zone, Amazing Gyroscopes and the Runaway Briefcase. Have musical fun on the Magical Harp or mixing music to produce your own tracks.

Go through the Leaning Lounge and try out Thermal Imaging. Discover how space research has led to so many of today’s everyday useful tools as well as getting humans into space.

Travel in time and space under a domed screen in the Planetarium or try out the Orange Imaginarium. The Sportastic exhibition is for visitors of all ages and covers everything from beating the goalie to the latest research in sport science.

There are regular events, show and workshops. There is wheelchair access and allocated parking and facilities for induction loops and minicom.



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