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Free Peak Flow Chart

If you have asthma, like I do, and the peak flow chart that came with your peak flow meter is now complete, you'll be wondering where to get another chart from. Well you could buy another peak flow meter, which is not cheap, or alternatively download my free chart.

Asthma can make life very difficult at times, in deed any breathing problem can have a serious impact on your quality of life. That's why I created a peak flow chart, not only to help other people like me, but also because I could not find a chart that was freely available for my own use.

By the way, if you have asthma and would like to register a domain name or open a web hosting plan, our partner site will offer you a discounted rate - asthma medication is not cheap!

This peak flow chart is free to download and use, but I do advise you to consult your doctor before using the chart. I do NOT have any medical qualifications, so you use the chart at your own risk!

Download the Peak Flow Chart



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