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Computer Repair - Bristol

We provide a complete range of computer repair, upgrade and support services in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Some examples of our computer repair and support services are shown below. We are here to help!

Phone for support 0117 950 5012

PC Crashing, Freezing or not Booting

Is your computer crashing or freezing randomly? This is usually due to a hardware or software conflict, when something has become corrupted or a driver needs updating.
These are common problems and are easily fixed by our computer support engineers.

Hardware Failures and Upgrades

We can replace faulty equipment such as processors, motherboards, memory, hard-drives, modems and graphics cards. We buy these items on your behalf from low cost Internet sites saving you time and money.

Internet Problems

We install and configure broadband connections. We even set-up email addresses, firewalls and virus software so you can rest assured your protected online. Give us a call if you have any Internet or e-mail problems.

Software Problems

Is your computer acting strangely? Have you just installed some new software or updated an old driver? We can usually fix these types of issues within 1-2 hours and often solve other niggling problems in the process.

Network Installation and Maintenance

We install and configure networks for both residential and business customers. We also maintain wired and wireless networks, fixing problems such as poor connections and slow performance.

Virus and Spyware Protection

We can
safe guard your computer from hackers, spyware and viruses. We can also remove spyware and viruses from your computer after its been affected. When we've finished your computer will be clear of all malicious software and protected from future attacks.

Buying a New Computer

You can buy a good computer or work station for under 600. pounds. However, some tasks such as running multiple applications together or graphic/video editing require a higher spec computer with more power, then prices start at around 700. pounds.

We will take the stress and strain out of the decision and buying process, and even set-up and configure your computer for Internet and email access.

In our opinion well known high street brands rarely offer the best performance computers and good value for money. Bristol Link will advise you on the best hardware components and software for your computer and save you hundreds of pounds by advising you on where to buy your new computer.

For computer repairs and support phone:

0117 950 5012



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