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Computer Networks

Networking two or more computers is relatively straight forward particularly if your running Windows 2000 or above. Advances in technology and lower prices for networking equipment means that small businesses and even residential users can afford to set-up a network.

If you're thinking of setting up a network Bristol Link can help. We install computer networks for residential and business customers.

The are many reasons for installing a network, however, the four most compelling are:

Simultaneous high-speed Internet access from more than one computer
As the Internet becomes an essential tool both in business and our personal lives the demand for high-speed and easily accessible Internet access is growing. Cable and ADSL modems provide the fastest Internet connections and allow users to talk on the phone and use the Internet simultaneously.

Peripheral sharing
A network enables users to share access to the same printers, modems, scanners and other peripherals from any computer in the office or even in an office down the corridor.

Sharing files and applications
Businesses often want to maximize the value of their software investments by sharing applications and they want the convenience of sharing files easily without having to transfer from one computer to the next via floppies, tapes or CDs.

Broadband has unleashed the true power of the Internet. It is now possible to watch entire videos in real-time, and listening to music is easy, it wasn't really possible on a 56k modem or ISDN. Also, the new wave of multiplayer computer games have really taken the consumer market to new levels. By installing a network you gain the freedom to enjoy the best broadband services anywhere in the home or office, and to share that experience with others.

As well as installing your network Bristol Link can implement Firewall and Anti-virus protection guarding against Internet born attacks such as Viruses, Worms and Trojans. A Firewall will also control what services your network ports are able to access on the Internet.

New advances in Wireless technology enable us to create Wireless networks (WLANs) which offer flexibility and the mobility to move equipment from one office to another and still remain connected to the Internet or to other computing devices on the network. Wireless network components can be set up anywhere in the home or office.

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